Tom Hanks Is Playing Mr. Rogers movie and it’s ‘A Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood

We all love Fred Rogers, the host of the cherished youngsters’ TV series Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood. He inspired and taught ages of kids. Furthermore, we love Tom Hanks, the entertainer who’s won practically every significant amusement grant conceivable and redefined leading men in films since the 1980s.

This Tom Hanks Story Will Help You Feel Less Bad#ABeautifulDayMovie

Tom Hanks as Mr.Rogers

Tom Hanks plays mr rogers movie, the beloved children’s television host, as he comes to the aid of a suffering magazine writer.

Hanks performs this with faultless technique, but you never lose sight of the performance. Rogers demurs when Lloyd describes him as a “celebrity,” but this film, in spite of its skill and sincerity, can’t find anything else for him to be. He seems larger than life, an idol if not a saint. All he wanted was to be your neighbor. #tom junod #lloyd vogel