Tom Hanks Is Gonna Play Mister Rogers and it's 'A Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood

We all love Fred Rogers, the host of the cherished youngsters’ TV series Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood. He inspired and taught ages of kids. Furthermore, we love Tom Hanks, the entertainer who’s won practically every significant amusement grant conceivable and redefined leading men in films since the 1980s.

Tom Hanks as Mr.Rogers
Hulton Archive / Getty Images

TriStar Pictures declared, Hanks will play Mr. Rogers in the forthcoming biopic 'You Are My Friend.

As per a press release, the film “is inspired by a real-life friendship between Fred Rogers and award-winning journalist Tom Junod. In the endearing story, a skeptical columnist hesitantly acknowledges a task to compose a profile piece on the darling symbol and discovers his point of view on life changed.” #ABeautifulDayMovie